ftp proxy and disabling cache with 5.0a

	I'm having problems trying to get FTP proxy to work
the way it should.  I've set ftp_proxy correctly and am using
w3c in ComLine/src/.  For example,
	./w3c ftp://host/file
It seems that libwww is trying to connect to the proxy server,
but as if it were an FTP server! That is, it's waiting for the
login prompt.

	So how do I get it to work the way I want it to? Note
that the remote proxy server is a Squid.

	On the other hand, is it possible to turn off memory
caching when using w3c? Since I'm always going through a local
server and this is a command-line tool, it's pretty pointless
to have yet another level of caching.  Thanks.

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