MiniServ on sunos 4.1.4

I'm curious if anyone else has had any problems getting the libwww
(5.0a) miniserver to work (specifically under sunos 4.1.4).  I've
traced the code, and the problem appears to be that once the data for
the page I'm requesting has been transfered, the server waits for
additional data from the client browser; meanwhile, the browser is
stalled waiting for the server to acknowledge that the transaction is
complete.  It looks like the socket is blocking, although going
through the code has confirmed that the socket is being initialized as

Then end of the debugging output is:

  HTTPReply... Freeing server stream
  UnRegister.. Didn't find entry for socket 7 with ops 2
  Write Socket 314 bytes written to socket 7
  Alert Find.. No entry found for opcode 8
  Net Object.. Delete 57a50 and call AFTER filters
  Net Object.. Remove object 57a50
  Host info... Bad arguments
  Net Filter.. 33fa0 (request=56f50, status=200)
  Net Filter.. 26d8 (request=56f50, status=200)
  SERVER...... 56f50 ended with status 200
  Request..... Delete 56f50
  Request..... Created 56f50
  HTTP Reply.. Stream 57a50 created

any help is appreciated!