Library 5.0a : Feedback & Questions


I don't know if it helps to have feedback from a newbie, but here are some 
from my experiences with 5.0a on WindowsNt/Workstation(4.0) with VC++4.2.

BTW : I sent a mail like this a few days ago -- but outgoing e-mail at
@neonsoft.com is currently stalled. I'm not the sysadmin -- and he was getting 
wed yesterday, so I assume it'll stay that way for a while. ;-) (If it arrives
late -- please understand & ignore it.)

Feedback :

Ok -- so I am 'rolling my own' project ('cos I don't know how to import
your .mak file) and I opted (initially) to avoid the DLL configuration,
hoping for simplicity. I added all the .c files to the project & set

1) HTWAIS.c failed to compile -- stating that it could not find 
diagnosticRecord. (I simply removed it from my project since I won't be
using it.) 

2) When I tried to link against the library -- lots of modules failed to
find _HText. A bit of digging & I found I needed to create this myself,
and I had to go hack a piece of the Browser code to base changes.

Is this my mistake? Did I add too many files to the library? I saw nothing
in the release notes about this, and I found no stub/seed file. Further,
nothing has, to my understanding, called wither of the two constructors
(in what lib usage I have performed.)

I like the concept of the HText 'class' -- I would like to have these 'methods'
called when some HTML is received and decomposed. How do I instigate that?

3) When I tried to run a simple test program, using the profile :


it failed. I traced this to the WSA library not having been initialized. I
traced that to EventInit() not being called. When I call that prior to
creating the client profile it works again. I see that other profiles do
call EventInit(). Is there a reason for this difference from other profiles
and also from earlier library behavior?

Questions :

In short, my objective with working with these modules is to have the ability
to access raw content data and additionally get some metadata about the 

1) I have been having some difficulty determining whether I should get 
setting my own output stream for all data types, or working with those
streams & structured streams that currently exist. Obviously the reuse in 
latter would be preferable but I do not know how I can acheive what I want.

For example -- I'd like to have HTML text decomposed & passed to my via
the HText API. What converters would I need to configure to allow this?

2) I have written my own 'memory stream', that merely spools data into a
memory block. Obviously I would like to set a maximum data size for this.

Say, I set up two converters from */* to www/present one a 'Spool2File'
(based upon, if not, your one) and one the memory stream. Also, say I set the
memory stream to have a higher 'quality factor' and a fixed maximum 
number of bytes. 

What would happen if an HTTP response were received without a Content-Length
header (is this still allowed in HTTP/1.1?) and the returned data went on
to break the maximum setting?

(I can write my own stream that spools to a memory stream until the limit 
is reached, and then retracts it & redirects it and all subsequent
content to a file stream. Obviously I would prefer to use what is there.)

Again, thanks for an excellant code base.



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