Re: Missing selectors in libwww 5 ?

At 10:45 AM 10/16/96 +0200, Carsten Heyl wrote:

>I asked the same question for 4.1b5 but never got an answer.
>Since this is a structural change I wonder how others
>deal with that and what the recommended way to get the
>information is.

Sorry for the delay.

>I am missing selectors like HTAnchor_children in libwww 5.
>They were present in 4.0. 
>I saw that HTAnchor_children was changed to a hash so
>another interface is needed to access children.
>How am I supposed to find/get all
>children of a specific anchor to load them or do what I want with them?
>(was: HTAnchor_children)
>How am I supposed to find the places a document is referenced?
>(was: HTAnchor_sources)

Oups - you're right - it disappeared after we changed the list of children
into a hash table and introduced the Link object. The hash table was
required as linked lists get really slow when you have many children. This
of course doesn't solve your problem of getting the list of children.

The HTAnchor_soures() is easy to put back (or move from 4.0) but the list
of children must now be traversed internally in the anchor object and then
the caller must pass in a state variable so that we don't need to keep
state internally in the anchor (which would then be global).

I hope that this may get you started - ley me know - and sorry for the


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