Re: Limitations w/ the 4.1beta5 for NT (e.g. Directory Reading)

At 09:59 PM 10/15/96 -0600, Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>I have recently started working with version 4.1beta5 on Solaris & NT.
>I can not find the answers to these two questions in the archive :
>1) Are the patches/fixes to the fact that no attempt is made to read a 
>directory on NT? (See HTFile.c line 216)

I am not aware of that. We haven't had time to put it in yet. Have anybody
else had a go at it?

>2) Are there any other major divergencies with the windows version?

You mean from the Unix version? No, this should in fact be the only thing
that is not implemented on Windows. The event manager is of course
different but has the same features as you can get on Unix. Actually you
have more as there are more modes for which you can register a socket. On
Unix there is essentially only read and write.

Do I need to say that patches ofcourse are more than welcome to fix
directory listings?

Also, you may want to have a look at the latest version 5.0a which has a
more complete HTTP/1.1 implementation and a persistent cache which also
works on Windows.


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