Re: [Fwd: Re: About Compiling W3C]

> 	I have downloaded the W3C text-based browser. I couldn't compile it. I
> am using WINDOWS 95 and my compiler is BORLAND C++ 5.0. The documents
> enclosed inside the package are not much help to me. Please tell me how
> to compile it.

	The makefiles supplied with W3C library are for VC++ (so much for us,
	Borland users!).  I did it a long time ago and I think it worked.
	If you are building a Win16 app, you will need to compile the library
	as DLLs (the exact ones you can find on the W3C site -- I can't
	remember where).  For the 32-bit, I think, I just threw all the files
	in one project and compiled.  There may have been some problems but
	I can't remember what I did.  Sorry for being so vague, but I've
	done it a long time ago.  Feel free though to ask me Borland related


Leo Shuster