Re: Killing a request on Win32

> Environment: Win95, WWW-lib 4.0 DLLs, MSVC 4.1
> Hi - I can't seem to successfully kill off requests in Win32. Using
> HTRequest_kill() or HTNet_killAll() I get GPFs. Do you have to do
> something before using these?  Is there a better way?

No, you should be able to kill off any and all requests at all times.

> I'm running each request in a separate thread (real Win32 thread) and
> would like to stop it if the user gets tired or ...

The latest public libwww is in 
Please try this release and see if you get the same problems. 

If that doesn't work, you could check the version of Winsock by adding a 
line to HTLibInit in HTLib.c

WSAStartup(..., &wsadata)
some checks
HTTrace("WinSock version \"%s\".\n", wsadata.szDescritpion);

Mail me back the information and I'll see what I can figure out.