Re: Win95 w3lib active inhibits 16-bit apps

Randy Fay writes:
> Hi - We're using w3lib 4.0 on win95 quite happily - a fine piece of
> work.
> One odd little side-effect: When the library is active, some 16-bit apps
> are unable to do anything. For example, when running a simple GET in our
> app, I launch a 16-bit version of MS-Access. It starts up, but then
> hangs. If I exit the app doing the GET, MS-Access comes up.  Otherwise,
> Access is in limbo indefinitely.
> Regular winsock apps are not causing this behavior. 

I am not aware of this side effect - I have no idea why this can be. 
Anyone else having this problem as well?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
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