Re: Persistent connection

"Kim Liu" writes:
> I am using 4.1b4. Looks like the HTTP server keeps the connection with the 
> client by default, after the HTTP request and response sequence is done. This
> makes it very inconvenient for me for various reasons. How do I disable this 
> persistent connection behavior? Is 4.1b3 doing the same thing? 

I keep the connection alive forever in order to test HTTP/1.1 use of 
persistent connections. I am worried that too many people use the mini 
server for anything real - it is really just a toy. If you are looking for 
a real server to use as a base for implementations then Anselm's Java 
based Jigsaw is a much better choice. The reason is that maintaining a 
full, application independent API is a lot of work so I have to focus, and 
in this case I am focusing on the client side of libwww.


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