Re: HTTP Server problem

Now I have confirmed that Netscape works fine with persistent connection but 
Lynx doesn't. Lynx does not send a "connection: keep-alive" request to webd 
but webd still keeps the connection after the entity body transfer. That's why 
Lynx is confused. It apparently does not detect the end of the entity body by 
using the content-length field. It does that by waiting for the server to 
close the connection. I was wondering how I could turn off persistent 
connection by default in libwww. 
BTW, I am still very eager to know the solution of the following problem. If 
the server cannot determine the content-length of the response entity body in 
advance (dynamically generated), there is no way for the client to know where 
the entity body ends unless the server closes the connection. Does this mean 
that persistent connection can't be used here?  

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Kim Liu wrote:
> I have some problems with the HTTP server that I can't really pin down. After
> fixing the "100 Continue" reply status problem, I seem to be able to get the
> MiniServ to work with ComLine most of the time. However, I can't get lynx to
> work with MiniServ at all. Lynx seems to be able to receive the HTML file from
> MiniServ but the connection can't terminate properly. Looks like lynx is
> waiting for MiniServ to send something but MiniServ thinks it's done. Does
> anyone have problems like this?

	Netscape (and Lynx) seem to request a persistent connection.
I am using select(), ie. non-blocking sockets.  Thus, I call webd with 
-single.  I discovered that the preemptive arg of Protocol_add() should be 
set according to -single.  That made a big difference.

	I have been seeing a delay in connection termination, but I suspect 
that may be from persistence being granted.  I've been using www talking to 
webd ...


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