Re: HTTP Server problem

Please forgive my lack of understanding of HTTP. Does libwww try to keep the 
connection by default? I think Netscape also behaves like Lynx. It got some 
data from the server but never displays anything out. It keeps on waiting for 
more data from the server. I suspect the problem might have to do with 
something else.  
BTW, if the server can't determine the content-length in advance (dynamically 
generated), I think it has to close the connection in order to let the client 
knows the whole entity body has been transferred. So a persistent connection 
is not possible here. Does this have any conflict with the default behavior of 
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"Kim Liu" writes:
> I have some problems with the HTTP server that I can't really pin down. After
> fixing the "100 Continue" reply status problem, I seem to be able to get the 
> MiniServ to work with ComLine most of the time. However, I can't get lynx to 
> work with MiniServ at all. Lynx seems to be able to receive the HTML file fro
> MiniServ but the connection can't terminate properly. Looks like lynx is 
> waiting for MiniServ to send something but MiniServ thinks it's done. Does 
> anyone have problems like this?  

It's probably because Lynx doesn't support persistent connections. The 
Miniserver doesn't actually close the connection. The HTTP client in the 
Library does not need the close of a connection to register a request as 
terminated - it uses the content-length, multipart mime transport coding, or 
chunked encoding.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
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