HTTP server reply status again

So what's the deal here? In beta 1, the MakeReplyPipe() in HTTPServ.c has a 
bug that makes it always reply with "500 Internal" instead of "200 OK". 
Somebody pointed this out a long time ago and I remembered someone replied to 
this saying that he couldn't figure out the right way to fix this and he would 
simply replace the 500 with 200. This is a quick fix but it doesn't seem to be 
the intention of the author of that piece of code.  
Now in beta 3, an additional "100 Continue" has been inserted there. The code 
looks like 
	/* Output the response */ 
	PUTS(" 100 Continue"); 
	if (response_line) { 
	} else {	 
	    PUTS(" 500 Internal"); 
This new "100 Continue" makes Netscape really confused and the correct 
response "200 OK" is never incorporated into the code base. 
I guess I could simply take out the myterious "100 Continue" and replace the 
"500 Internal" with a "200 OK". But could someone explain to me what's really 
happening here?