New beta versions of libwww 4.1 available [WAS Beta 3 configure script problem]

Markku Savela writes:

> I would like to make a suggestion:
> If a release has been available and unknown number of people have
> retrieved it, then if you make *any* change, however small, bump the
> version number, *every* time!

I actually have an explanation for why this happended but it's rather long 
and not that interesting. Therefore, I think that it's more interesting to 
announce that there now is a 4.1b3a version available from our website and 
our FTP server. It has a single fix in the aclocal.m4 script file which 
caused "test" to fail on some platforms.

4.1 beta 3 publicly available

Libwww 4.1b3a has been available to W3C members for exactly one month and is 
now publicly available from


The release notes can be found at


4.1 beta 4 available for W3C members

At the same time, we have released a 4.1b4a version for W3C members. This 
version has some new features compared to the beta 3 version - especially 
regarding handling persistent connection including automatic connection 
recovery in case of the other end dropping the connection.

The member release is available from


and the release notes are available from


Beta 4 contains all the functionality that is to be included in the final 
4.1 release, so please try it out now. Of course, the beta 4 version will 
become publicly available September 20 - one month after it's release date 
to members.

Have fun,