Beta 3 configure script problem

>I am sorry that the new beta 3 hasn't been announced at all but
>anyway - now it's in place. Unfortunately there were some problems
>with the first version that you have downloaded. I have now generated
>a new version which should be better, so please try it again.

I would like to make a suggestion:

If a release has been available and unknown number of people have
retrieved it, then if you make *any* change, however small, bump the
version number, *every* time!

This is getting too confusing, we were using so called 4.1b1 for
couple of weeks, until it was revealed that the 4.1b1 available on the
server was something else, modified since we retrieved it.

Don't be shy of bumping the version number, it's just couple of
characters anyway!
Markku Savela (msa@hemuli.tte.vtt.fi),     Technical Research Centre of Finland
Multimedia Systems, P.O.Box 1203,FIN-02044 VTT,http://www.vtt.fi/tte/staff/msa/

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