wwwlib 4.1b3: HTIconInit, HTProfile_newCLient?

When using the library with "ftp://host/path" URL, the library produces some
internal HTML, which includes references like

  ... <IMG SRC="/internal-icon/blank.xbm"> ...

I guess my application is doing something wrong, because it is
interpreting the returned HTML to be reply for the original FTP-URL,
and thus, when it tries to retrieve the inline image, it first uses

  HTParse("/internal-icon/blank.xbm", "ftp://host/path", PARSE_ALL)

Which, of course, translates into


and naturally fails to work.

The problem is that if I use HTProfile_newCLient, it unconditionally
calls HTIconInit(NULL), which makes library to use the prefix
ICON_LOCATION (defined as "/internal-icon/").

- I could call HTIconInit myself with another prefix (some file:/...
  perhaps)? But, I am wondering, the profile already initialized the
  'icons' list. Another call to HTIconInit would just add more entries
  into the list (duplicates).

- I could change the ICON_LOCATION?

This is not too big a problem, just bringing it up, so that some
solution could be devised someday.

Markku Savela (msa@hemuli.tte.vtt.fi),     Technical Research Centre of Finland
Multimedia Systems, P.O.Box 1203,FIN-02044 VTT,http://www.vtt.fi/tte/staff/msa/