Problems running on Win95

I am having some sort of compilation problem on Win95 that makes libwww 
fails in standard C library functions. I'm using 4.0D but I guess it's 
the same on 4.1. Basically the program fails in places like 
TTYPrint(fprintf() I guess) and fwrite() when these functions are called 
properly. I suspect this has to do with the note on the Windows platform 
in the file User/Platform/win31.html. It says the DLL version of the C 
runtime library must be used instead of the static version of it. 
Otherwise, if you fopen() a file in one DLL, you cannot 
fread() it in another DLL because they have their own 
private copy of the C runtime library. Apparanently, the Visual C++ 4.0 
makefile of libwww does not specify the DLL version of the C runtime 
library. I fixed this but the problem is still there. Does anyone know 
how I can fix this?