WWWLIB Parser, is there going to be any update on it?

>Having the SGML parser being simply a tokenizer is a good idea, I
>know that Dan has been working on that for some time. You can find
>documentation on this at

>	http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/MarkUp/SGML/sgml-lex/sgml-lex

Yes, but as of now, the SGML.c tokenizes quite okay(?), but fails on
higher level checks. Do we need to mix in lex into this also? All that
is needed in SGML.c, is to strip away all the extra stuff. It does not
need to stack elements, does not need to worry about matching
begin/end tags etc..

However, as some may depend on the current working of SGML.c, perhaps
the library should just have the stripped down SGML.c with some other
name, which we who have our own higher level "normalizers" on top of
the old SGML.c, could activate instead? (I could do this myself, but I
hate to have too many modified modules which I have to replace and
check every time a new library version comes out).

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