Re: Can't build library!

Excerpts from mail: 4-Aug-96 Re: Can't build library! Wolfgang
Platzer@iaik.tu (1072*)

> > My impression is that one of the consequences using autoconf is that
> you also 
> must use the GNU make. The Sun make and almost all other native makes that I 
> have seen do not understand the configure script.

The configure script that autoconf uses to probe your machine is quite
plain vanilla /bin/sh, though individual autoconf script writers may of
course have erred by putting non-portable constructs in their scripts. 
I'd suspect the trouble is with the Makefile.in files supplied along
with the autoconf script, which may use non-standard make constructs. 
This gets turned into the Makefile by the configure script, so the
Makefile may then contain non-portable make constructs.