WWW lib question

I have a question (maybe it's a bug, I don't know):

I have a client application using the www lib (latest beta version).
I set the output stream of a request to a FileWriter, because I want
the URL to be downloaded to a file.
I use HTMIMEInit() to set up all the MIME header parsers.

Now whenever I get a content-type header, the MIME content-type parser
tries to build a content-type stack for going from that type to my
desired output type.  Unless I register a null converter for
converting from */* to my desired output type, the stack (which is
built by HTStreamStack) ends up with HTSaveLocally instead of my
stream.  This is pretty bogus when it prompts the user for a filename
or dumps to /dev/null instead of using my stream.  I'd think that it
should just use my stream directly if it can't find a converter, no?
(This is all in HTFormat.c.)

Any help appreciated.

Pls reply directly to me as well as the list, as I'm not on the
www-lib mailing list, thx.

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