Re: libwww/PMCApp libs on Macs

Jeff Dripps writes:

> Here is the section of sysdeps.h that I have been using w/4.1b1 for some
> time. I had forwarded this to Henrik several weeks ago but he has not yet
> had time to include it in the archive. I agree, the mac is certainly a
> second class citizen where www-lib is concerned. Subsequently it's a lot
> harder now, having to figure all this stuff out, just to compile on mac.
> As a result, I doubt if many MW/GUSI folks will 'get it', without
> previous experience using the 4.0 version of the library and the tcp.h
> file.

Sorry for the delay - I have now added your patch. I somehow thought that I already had. My excuse is that I have been out of the office almost constantly the last three weeks so it's a bit hard to keep up.

I am very happy for the contributions on Mac - I do not have a Mac myself and we don't have enough resources to maintain more than we do already. However, I am very interested in patches and normally my round trip time is somewhat shorter than the recent weeks. In other words - the Mac port is up to you to help getting running ;-) Jeff has been more than patient - thanks!