Re: libwww/PMCApp libs on Macs

>>2.Has anyone successfully compiled the CSApp lib on a mac? Immediate
>>problem is that the compiler chokes on the forward declarations
>try placing in the beginning of the source file:
>struct TargetObject_t {};
>Sorry I have not attempted to use CSApp and have no experience in this
>area. Best of luck. sinc, -jeff

Sorry, Jeff, I must've been dozing -- what I meant to say was the PICS lib
(I presume it's a lib--dox are not altogether clear) included in the latest
distribution.  Will try the declaration you included.

Thanks _very_ much for your amendments to sysdep.h.  Very much appreciated.

Since just getting this stuff to compile on mac would require either a
nasty boss or a labor of love, I'm wondering whether you've found libwww
worth the extra effort required on mac?

Thanks again.



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