Re: Rule File (Using a Proxy server)

I have read the manual about the rule files  and have created the following
rule file (one line):

Proxy http http://www/

The ComLine sample program seems to recognise the syntax for the rule file
and try and initilise according to the rule, It comes up with the following

*** HostName% w3c -r w3c.conf http://www.iol.ie           
*** A new set of rules is to be added to your setup - continue? (y/n) y
*** Looking up www
*** Contacting www
*** Reading...
*** ...
But yet the request does NOT go through the proxy server.  Is there
something blatantly obvious that I have missed?  Or is this a symptom of
something more serious?  

With thanks to Henrik for pointing me towards the correct documentation.

At 13:06 24/06/96 -0400, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
>Roy Leonard writes:
>> I am puzzled,  I have read through the manual for the Library and the ComLine
>> 'browser' and have seen many references to rule files. Does anybody have a
>> sample rule file?  Or know where I can find one?
>> I hope to use the rule file to et ComLine to use a proxy server.  If a rule
>> file is not the appropriate way to do this, are there any suggestions about
>> a better way to do this?
>You can register proxies and gateways in two ways:
>1) Use a rule file as you mention. You can find the syntax of rule files in 
>the library documentation at
>	http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Library/User/Using/RuleSyntax.html

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