Adding ident (rfc 931) to MiniServ.

I need to modify the MiniServ code to perform an ident (RFC931) of the
remote system as part of a PC authentication scheme that I'm working on.
It isn't at all obvious (to me) how to do this with standard callback
functions. At this point it would appear that I have to modify the
code in HTDoAccept, in file HTTCP.c, immediately following the line
 status = accept(net->sockfd, (struct sockaddr *) &net->sock_addr, &size);
or I could modify the code in HTServHTTP where the call to HTDoAccept 
is made. Is there a better way to do this? Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. If this has already been discussed in the archive, a pointer
to the thread would be sufficient. I'm currently working with the 4.0D
source code. Would it be any easier to do this with the 4.1 beta release?

Rick Mallett
Carleton University

Email address: rmallett@ccs.carleton.ca