Re: strange multi-threaded problem on NT

>preemptive, more than one requests are active at once. More than half
>of the requests will fail with a HTERR_SYSTEM error (error message:
>connect: Unix errno=0 dec, winsock err=0) in the error list.
>I can't figure out why some requests worked and some didn't. The
>requests that fails appear to be random.

I think I ran into this recently on Windows NT 3.51. 
I did'nt remember though whether the error is HTERR_SYSTEM or not.
This happened to me when I continuosly uploading documents. 
I obeserved that in HTNet.c, I am encountering a situation where
  HTList_count(HTNetActive) > HTMaxActive 
and since I don't have a callbak function associated with the anchor, 
the requests are not getting serviced.

To avoid this, I used HTNetDelete to delete the request after it fetched the

Hope this helps