Posting file bug


I'm having trouble with the 4.0d library, when using the POST method for a
local file to an http server.  I'm using the Upload routine in HTBrowse.c
(from the linemode browser) which calls HTCopyAnchor in HTAccess.c

The first problem I had was the server would disconnect before the file was
completely sent.  This was due to the content-length being invalid in the
Mime header.

Apparently, MIMEMakeRequest in HTMIMERq.c is setting it wrong.  I believe
this is due to the request being passed in not having the source_anchor
set.  So I added a line to HTCopyAnchor to set this when building the Post

        HTRequest_setAnchor (src_req, src_anchor);

After this change, the file gets sent completely to the server.  Note the
invalid content-length wouldn't be a problem for files that were small
enough to fit in the sending buffer.

Now the problem is the library diconnects when it's done sending the file.
I don't know how to fix this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Kevin Connor
Molecular Applications Group