Re: [Request] Memory functions

Sacha writes:

> Wow! I like your pre-emptive development strategy! But you only seem to mention
> freer functions... can I register my own allocators too? From what you wrote
> this is what I gather but I'm not 100% sure....

You can add your own allocation functions but for the sake of speed we made them macros, so you will have to recompile the whole library.

> Can I get this code (I think I'm am member, or rather the place I work is a
> mamber) when it ships? Or sooner?

All W3C members have access to the code (of course!) at all times - even our latest (unstable) version. The member area which already have a first version of the new library is at


and the developer area is available from


The developer area has the very latest version. The developer's area is accessible to W3C members and a small set of hard working alpha testers.

If your affiliation is a W3C member then you should have access to the pages above. You can find the list of members at


If you have problems accessing the pages then send a page to webmaster@w3.org explaining your problem.


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