RE: HTSaveLocally and then HTMLPresent.Can I?


>> I have a question about these converters.
>> I have an application,kind of a robot,wich should do the followings:
>> Get a HTML document - save it - get the links of that document and follow
>> them - get the documents pointed by those links I got from the previous
>> documents - save them - and so on....
>> Well, I tried to do this with registering those two converters:
>> HTSaveLocally and HTMLPresent.
>> But the thing is that I would like those converters to called in the
>> following order: first the HTSaveLocally and just after that is saved to
>> call the HTMLPresent...
>> Can I do that?
>> Or maybe this is a wrong way for what I need.
>> Can anyone help me out?
> I'm no expert on LibWWW but one way to do this is to split the input
> into two separate streams. One goes into the stream created by
> HTSaveLocally and the other one goes into the one created by HTMLPresent.
> This means you will have to write a stream of your own and the output
> will go into the other two streams. Look at HTInit.c, HTFWrite.c and
> HTML.c to see how streams are constructed and configured. Someone has
> mentioned in this list that a generic stream splitter has been written.
> Check the list archive at
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-lib/threads.html
> for the back messages.
> There may be better ways to do what you want to achieve. Anyone care
> to comment?

I had a similar problem long time ago. And I have found a solution which you can
find at
(The posting was part of a longer discussion; if not everything is clear, please let me

In my approach the splitter stream is a converter, which has several advantages.
I hope it will work with the current version of the library.


Maciej Puzio