Re: Re(2): saving a URL/newbie rant

"LSH" writes:

> P.S. People, PLEASE, don't take my rant personally!
> 	Why is that when the conversation is about C and C++ differences 
> 	many people consider it like a religious persecution?!
> 	I am trying to offend every honest and hard working C programmer
> 	just because s/he is not using the latest OO techniques.
> 	I am simply attempting to suggest a better way (IMO -- I know that
> 	many people don't share it!) to approach the problem at hand.

I don't think that anybody are talking this personally - at least they 
shouldn't. My opinion is that we don't have the resources at W3C to rewrite 
libwww in C++ but I also don't think that this is necessary. What _is_ 
feasible, however, would be to build a C++ API on top of the libwww core. 
For example a new HTAccess module with a lot better interface for getting a 
URL in a simple way. This would be a good start!

I just toook a quick count - there are almost 350 subscribers to this 
mailing list and I would be surprised if we should not be able to put 
together a small team that would have as task to write a client API in C++ 
on top of libwww.

We would be happy to provide the disk space and maybe an additional mailing 
list for this.

What do you say?


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