Re(2): saving a URL/newbie rant

>Due to popular demand (read outcry), I wrote a description of the C++ in
>C encapsulation scheme used in the library. Please see
	Just read it.  A very interesting and insightful discussion.
	C IS indeed more widely supported, but wouldn't you think that
	since you are working on the NEW technologies, you should USE 
	new technologies as well?
	On the other hand, moving away from the issue at hand, could it
	be possible, maybe, to have two sets of source code -- one C, one C++?
	I know it is too much to ask for and the support will virtually
	double, but I do think that a lot of structures and operations
	on them used on W3C Lib can be vastly improved if a true OO approach
	was used.

>And for my 2 cents: Object-Oriented is an approach, not a language. :)
	I agree, but wouldn't using a language that directly supports
	OO features be easier? :-]

Leo Shuster

P.S. People, PLEASE, don't take my rant personally!
	Why is that when the conversation is about C and C++ differences 
	many people consider it like a religious persecution?!
	I am trying to offend every honest and hard working C programmer
	just because s/he is not using the latest OO techniques.
	I am simply attempting to suggest a better way (IMO -- I know that
	many people don't share it!) to approach the problem at hand.