Re: my rant

> I am one of the persons who think the C++ is hype.. and you can write
> good object oriented code in plain C. I like the fact that wwwlib is
> written in C.

Hmm... there are many reasons why C++ is better for OO coding. See the C++
FAQ. But still, I have nothing against pseudo-C++ (apart from the fact
that it means you have to learn more stuff).

> When you want actually to use the library in your application,
> documentation fails. A reference manual type thing seems to be missing
> (an example of such could be O'reilly & Associates "X Toolkit
> Intrinsics Reference Manual"):
>        - list all functions in the library in alphabetical order,

Good idea - a quick grep and a sort should do this.

>         - for each function, explain what parameters it takes and what
>          they do,

Hmm... I tried 'man Henrik' but nothing came up.

>        - list related functions

Good idea. BTW if someone decides to do this, please do a text version
as well as an HTML version (I hate html manuals - actually what I hate
is that browsers aren't designed for viewing html manuals).