Re: newbie rant

>I understand that some people on the list do not share my views and
>that my opinions may be a little biased, but I am an ardent C++ fan
>and I believe that a good OO design can solve most of the problems.

I am one of the persons who think the C++ is hype.. and you can write
good object oriented code in plain C. I like the fact that wwwlib is
written in C.

I have been looking and using the wwwlib since beginning this year,
and I do have to agree on the general sentiments here: the
documentation is good only for getting the general overview.

When you want actually to use the library in your application,
documentation fails. A reference manual type thing seems to be missing
(an example of such could be O'reilly & Associates "X Toolkit
Intrinsics Reference Manual"):

	- list all functions in the library in alphabetical order,

	- for each function, explain what parameters it takes and what
	  they do,

	- list related functions

With wwwlib, you have to look at the example applications and library
source, and make guesses.

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