Re: newbie rant

>> Sacha wrote:
>I am about to rant. Do not take this too seriously!
Ok... :-)

>Constructive suggestions I would offer are either an FAQ - searching
>through the message list where messages have misleading titles is a pain
>- or an intro that really starts from absolute zero, like maybe a step
>by step construction of a program which eventually shows off all the
>things the lib can do.

Well, I think most would agree that a FAQ is a good thing.  I've seen from
my lurking that most on this list are fairly intimate with libwww, but I
still think it's a good suggestion ... The next obvious question is who
wants to do it? 

>Another thing I think would help is a quick intro to how the pseudo-C++
>works and how it relates to C++. An example of a problem I had:

Sounds good to me!

My experience with libwww is just about 0.  I've been lurking here for a few
weeks, just trying to get some background, and hoping that these little bits
of wisdom have found some semi-permanent place in my brain.  My first
project will be getting the source to work under VC++ 4.0 "Standard"
edition...  I've seen some of the notes for this on the W3C Web server, so
I'm hopeful that it will all go well.

After that, I'd certainly be willing to be part of a group to do some
"clueless newbie" type documentation.  Perhaps we could decide on a sample
app to write, and just chronicle our results.  Or perhaps we could, as
individuals, do our own little apps, then mash together the reults in some
sort of step-by-step doc, or whatever.

I think it's important that we don't just throw together something even
worse than what's out there.  This would require some careful planning, and
hopefully a little support from W3C.

If there's anyone else who wants to come aboard, please e-mail me ... I
don't mind being a central "contact point."

Again, my libwww experience is small, and if yours is too, perhaps we are
the best people to do this type of documentation.

Let me know!

Rich Beuadry
# no .sig ... power failure ...