Re: saving a URL/newbie rant

In message <31A34E23.59E2B600@dia.fi.upm.es>, Sacha writes:
>Ok. It is clear that I haven't really understood what on earth is going
>on. I think the real problem is that I haven't really grasped most of
>what comes in the documentation, because it lacks a really good
>from-the-top intro for clueless-people-with-no-knowledge-of-anything.

I believe your concerns are shared by a number of users
of libwww.

>(BTW is
>mailto: part of standard HTML?

No, but neither is http: or ftp:. There is a separate standard
for URLs. And yes, mailto: is in that standard. See:


>Constructive suggestions I would offer are either an FAQ - searching
>through the message list where messages have misleading titles is a pain
>- or an intro that really starts from absolute zero, like maybe a step
>by step construction of a program which eventually shows off all the
>things the lib can do.

This is a great suggestion. Now all we need is some folks to do it.
I don't think anybody at W3C can really do it, because we've been
knee deep in the library for so long that we don't remember what
it's like to learn the concepts in the library.

Anybody who has time to spend on this -- even if you don't (yet)
have a deep understanding of the library -- is invited to get
together and give it a whirl.

>But I guess there's no-one around with the time to do all this...

I hope that's not the case.