Re: HTML 3.2 aware version of the wwwlib?

Markku Savela writes:
> I have not seen any announcements about "HTML 3.2 aware" version of
> WWWLIB? That is, a libarary version where the HTMLPDTD.* has been
> upgraded to recognize the new attributes and tags? (For example, the
> version I have, doesn't give me WIDTH/HEIGHT attributes from the IMG
> tag).

W3C is working on a new generation of a GUI client (called Amaya) which will 
support HTML 3.2. It will be released this summer under the normal W3C 
reference code terms.

> Of course, these would be easy to add, but I would prefer to use a
> standard updated version, if such is avaible. What are people using
> currently?

The goal is to replace the current SGML/HTML/HText interface with the parser 
provided by Amaya. However, I am sure that there must be many improvements 
around to the current version in libwww and maybe they are closer to provide 
a HTML 3.2 version?

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