need help with setup


    I am a new user to wwwlib thing, and is having trouble installing wwwlib
on my linux system.  (I have had past experience with C++ but I only have my
linux running 2 weeks ago).  I managed to unzip everything and build the
library properly, but when I try compiling the example file 1, it gave me
something like WWWLib.h not found, so I changed the #include line from:

"www/WWWLib.h"   (www is a soft link I have pointing from /usr/include to
                  /WWW/Library/linux )

and it gave me something like HTLibInit and HTLibTerminate undefined reference..
from the docs I realise I have to tell GCC where to find libwww.a, but I don't 
know how to do it.  

   Can someone please help me?? Thanks heaps.  Sorry if this is too much of a
novice question in this list.


Henry Kwong

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