Annoucement - LiveCD SDK

Hi people,

    We have just launched an SDK (free eval copy available for 
download) on the net. Briefly, it's a 16-bit Windows DLL which allows 
developers (or CDROM/multmedia publishers) to easily and seamlessly 
integrate web pages, news groups, email, chat and fax facilities into 
their application. We think it'll be a handy tool for creating 
hybrid-CDROM applications.

    The network transport layer (HTTP,FTP,NNTP, etc) was derived 
largely from the wwwlib reference library version 3.1 (there wasn't 
enough time for me to move over to version 4). The SDK supports
most of HTML 2.0 including Forms, Tables and some common Netscape 
tags as well. Please refer to our websites for more details:

    http://livecd.iti.gov.sg    (our home site in Singapore)

    http://livecd.ncsa.uiuc.edu (our mirror site in the States)

Feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions. Questions on 
the www-lib port could be directed to me. Thanks for your time.

Kok Hoon

Kok Hoon
M.A.P.S.                   Information Technology Institute