Re: function call when event loop is idle?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w3.org> said:

> On Unix, you can register a timeout callback function to be called when 
> select() times out. You can register the function to be called always - that 
> is - both when loads are going on and when the Library is idle, or you can 
> register it only to be called when the Library is waiting for a request. 
> Unfortunately you can only register one timeout function as select() doesn't 
> support more than this.

> On Windows, it uses SetTimer() and I am not sure about if the functionality 
> matches - Eric?

Since I found the ASYNC interface under Windows 95 to be very buggy in
libwww, I switched to using select and the use of the timeout interface in
library to handle user events. This worked just fine, both under Win95 and
Unix. And it's a bit more portable than registering X connection sockets
with the library...