Re: Dots displayed by LineMode

Paul Law writes:

> I've compiled libwww 4.0D and LineMode 4.0D on Windows NT 3.51 using
> Visual C++ 4.1. When I run LineMode in single-threaded mode using
> -single option, everything seems to work fine. If I omit the -single
> option, it will output a series of dots "." everytime after I tell it
> to follow a link and before the resultant document is displayed. It
> gets kind of annoying after a while.
> Is this the correct behavior? Did I do something wrong? Where in
> the code can I change it?

So you don't like my dots ;-? You can change it in the timeout handler that's 
registered using the HTEvent_registerTimeout() function in the HTBrowse.c 
module in the Line Mode browser. The idea is of course to have some kind of 
movement while the Library is waiting for the network.


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