Problems compiling HTWWWStr

Hi, I have some problems compiling the HTWWWStr.c
I run a sun4/410 with 128Mb ram and SunOs 5.4.
I've looked in the library of this list but couldn't find any
similar problem. 
I don't think posting the whole error-code textdump would help 
(about 15 lines), but I get problems with the HTWWWStr.c:
`daylight' undeclared, `altzone' undeclared, `timezone' undeclared, 
ning: implicit declaration of function `localtime_r', 
warning: implicit declaration of function `gmtime_r'... leading to:
make[1]: *** [../../Library/sun4-sol2/HTWWWStr.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lysdisk3/celeborn/W3C/WWW/Library/sun4-sol2'
make: *** [../../Library/sun4-sol2/libwww.a] Error 2
WWW build for  sun4-sol2  done. status =  2

How can I solve this problem? Is it a library error or maybe a local

best regards,
 Thomas (new to this list...)