Dots displayed by LineMode

Hello all,

I've compiled libwww 4.0D and LineMode 4.0D on Windows NT 3.51 using
Visual C++ 4.1. When I run LineMode in single-threaded mode using
-single option, everything seems to work fine. If I omit the -single
option, it will output a series of dots "." everytime after I tell it
to follow a link and before the resultant document is displayed. It
gets kind of annoying after a while.

Is this the correct behavior? Did I do something wrong? Where in
the code can I change it?

I compiled the code with these symbols defined:
LineMode: WIN32, _CONSOLE

I did not include lib.c, scroll.c and www.c in LineMode's windows
directory in my project file.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Paul Law