Re: Inconsistent libwww (bug?)

FYI: I have recompiled w3c version 4.0D and the WWW library and the Robot with no problem,
on my Linux system.

There seems to be nothing else to compile.

Those functions are defined in all the files that sit under


and they are part of the interface with the HyperText Class.

Here is some text I found in WWW/Library/Implementation/HText.h:


   This is the C interface to the Objective-C (or whatever) Style-oriented HyperText
   class. It is used when a style-oriented text object is available or craeted in order to
   display hypertext.
   This module is a part of the  W3C Reference Library. However, it is NOT implemented
   anywhere in the library, as it is client (and often platform) specific code. Hence
   these functions must be implemented in the client. The Line Mode Browser has the
   implementation in the GridText module.


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Mihai T. LAZARESCU wrote:
> Hi all!
> I tried to add the html-to-plain conversion facility to w3c (ComLine)
> but the linker complains:
> ld: Undefined symbol
>    _HText_beginAnchor
>    _styleSheet
>    _HText_new2
>    _HText_appendText
>    _HText_appendImage
>    _HText_endAppend
>    _HText_appendParagraph
>    _HText_appendCharacter
>    _HText_beginAppend
>    _HText_endAnchor
>    _HText_setStyle
> after declaring:
>     HTConversion_add(conv,"*/*","www/plain", HTMLToPlain, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0);
> The functions listed above as undefined are called mainly in file HTML.c,
> but also in other source files of the WWW library, but never defined.
> Am I missing something?  Are there other modules of the library that I
> should load and compile more than libwww_src.tar.gz?
> I use version 4.0D for both ComLine (w3c) utility and WWW library.
> Many thanks in advance for any clue!
> Mihai Lazarescu
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