Re: post request

	Hi Henrik,

Henrik Frystyk writes:

> Yes, in fact this is the reason why you an anchor for the source (your local 
> file)
> and one for the destination (the reponse sent by the cgi script) When you link
> together two anchors you create a link object with the link relationship and 
> method
> to be used.
> Normally, you should be able to get the resonse without problems - have you 
> checked
> the verbose output - it may be that the response simply goes down a black hole.

	I tryed to run:

	w3c -v -post -dest http://foo/getfile.cgi  file:/.login

	and verified that after the library write the file ".login"
	to the socket, it does not even try to read the response
	sent by the system "foo". Even if you specify a destination
	that does not exist the call-back routine terminate_handler()
	receive a status of HT_LOADED.

	Marco Framba