Re: post request

Marco Framba writes:

> 	I just started to use the W3 reference Library 4.0D and I am
> 	trying to use the post method to post a local URL (e.g. file:/.login)
> 	to a destination cgi bin. I am using the example in the 
> 	W3CCommandLine program :
> 	.....
>     /* If destination specified then bind together anchors */
>     if (cl->dest) HTAnchor_link((HTAnchor*)cl->anchor,
>                                 (HTAnchor*)cl->dest, NULL, cl->method);
> 	.....
>     if (cl->dest)                                          /* PUT, POST etc. 
>         status = HTCopyAnchor((HTAnchor *) cl->anchor, cl->request);
> 	I have a question. The destination cgi bin send back a text/plain
> 	answer object. I am not able to receive/see this object from the 
> 	library. Is it possible to receive back this object from the
> 	library ?

Yes, in fact this is the reason why you an anchor for the source (your local 
and one for the destination (the reponse sent by the cgi script) When you link
together two anchors you create a link object with the link relationship and 
to be used.

Normally, you should be able to get the resonse without problems - have you 
the verbose output - it may be that the response simply goes down a black hole.

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