about HTFWriter_new


I found that it is the same reason which cause libapp_4.c
not to work on Wondows NT just as I mentioned before.
In libapp_4.c, the stream HTFWriter_new is used, and the
second argument of HTFWriter is a FILE *fp, which is
opened in libapp_4.c while HTFWriter_write() (which is
in WWWCORE.dLL) attempts to write data to this *fp.

The solution is to use HTSocket_DLLHackFopen() and
HTSocket_DLLHackFclose() to replace the fopen() and
fclose() in libapp_4.c, that's all.

I think the same reason causes ComLine not to work
on Wondows NT, as the stream HTFWriter_new is also
used in ComLine (HTLine.c). So, the key to the problem
 is that whenever we use the stream HTFWriter_new on
windows NT, we MUST use the HTSocket_DLLHackFopen() and
HTSocket_DLLFclose() provided by w3 lib instead of
using fopen() and fclose() directly.
Tao Jiang     Visiting Scientist, CECI, MIT
email:   jiangt@ceci.mit.edu    URL:  http://ceci.mit.edu/staff/jiangt/