Re: a question about converter

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
> parser. As the MIME header gets parsed, the MIME parser finds out the "true"
> media type of the MIME body and then calls the stream stack again. What are
> the symptoms? Do you have a trace of the line mode browser?

Thank you, I have solved the problem. I registered three converters:
HTTPStatus_new, MIMEParser and HTXParse. I find that HTTPStatus_new will handle
the data from http server first which always have the type "text/x-http",
then call stream stack, and pass data to MIMEParse, which will analyse
the MIME header, get the content type (such as "text/html, image/gif etc"),
and remove the MIME header from the data and call stream stack again,
then pass it to HTXParse where I can process the  data according to
its content type.
So suppose we registered many converters including HTTPStatus_new
and MIMEParse, then HTTPStatus_new and MIMEParse will always be called 
first, then the best match converter will be called according to the
input format, output format and quality factor. 

Is my understanding right?

Tao Jiang     Visiting Scientist, CECI, MIT
email:   jiangt@ceci.mit.edu    URL:  http://ceci.mit.edu/staff/jiangt/