Re: I've improved news support - is anyone interested?

Maciej Puzio writes:

> There are also changes in some other files, but here we've got an additional 
> problem. The version of the library I'm using is my own derivative and the ma
> of the files come from the 4.0 alpha releases (HTNewsLs.* and HTNDir.* are
> from 4.0D however). The only big change outside HTNewsLs and HTNDir is
> the HTParseTime function, the rest of modifications are small patches.
> Please tell me what method of sending these modifications you prefer.

If it easy for you then send the two files you have changed and the a diff of 
the rest. That would make it easy to put them on our server immediately. Maybe 
you can make a small HTML file explaining what you have done so that this can 
go along with it?

> Oh, one more problem.
> The modified HTNDir module is capable of presenting the news articles in
> reference threads. For this it uses nested UL lists. As far as I know, the HT
> module doesn't support nested lists (my HTML module supports them, but it is
> a far derivative from the original module and I can't give you a simple patch
> the support for nested lists).
> How to solve this problem?

The lack of features in the HTML module keeps coming back as a nightmare. We 
are awokring on a new GUI client but it will not come out until later this 
strong. I do not have any easy solution for now, so I guess that we'll have to 
live with that. My planning is rather caotic right now, but maybe somebody 
else have a patch???

Anyway, thanks a lot Maciej for the good work!


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