V4 on WIN32s

I use libwww v4 as static lib and vc++2.2 and generate a WIN32 binary. I
tested the stuff on a 3.11 + WIN32s platform. Here are first remarks.

1)I had to set the NO_TIMEZONE flag on. Otherwise, the lib (htwwwstr.c)
expects some dynamic links which are NOT defined in the WIN32s version of
mscvrt20.dll (which are the microsoft runtime routines):
wherehas it is well-defined in the mscvrt20.dll version for NT & 95...
I do not know how far this could be solved with the mscvrt40.dll, but I
guess that such calls should be avoided to remain compatible with WIN32s.

2)Declaring the protocols as preemptive seem not to be taken into account
on such platform, so that you should block interaction manually.

3)Another problem that I encountered is that the "file:" protocol truncates
data when trying to load binary files from local storage. This also occurs
on WIN95.
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