Re: Libwww & NT problems - something is working

Thijs Ott de Vries writes:

> I got the libapp_3 program to work, but it needs the _CONSOLE #define in
> the Makefile Settings of all DLL's. This #define is not in the makefiles after
> unzipping the sources. (Without _CONSOLE libapp_3 crashes because TTYPrint
> is the null pointer, in HTSaveLocally()).

The help page on generating DLLs have been updated


Please let us know if you have problems with it
> Using libapp_3 I can now download a page from our local network using libapp_3,
> but outside gives still problems:
> Q: Can I simply set a proxy using "set http_proxy=<address>:<port> 
>    and then access outside pages as well, or does it need programming ?

The libapp examples do not support proxies or gateways. The API for handling 
proxies or gateways can be found in the HTProxy module in the Library source 
code. If your platform supports env variables then you can use the special 
"env var compatibility" function called

	extern void HTProxy_getEnvVar	(void);

which supports a syntax like

	setenv http_proxy <proxy_url>

where <proxy_url> must be a full URL, for example http://proxy.foo.com:8000

Otherwise you can register proxies and gateways using a rules file. You can 
find a small description of the rules files at



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