Re: Question about libwww SGML/HTML parser...

In message <199601151442.QAA06524@msa.tte.vtt.fi>, Markku Savela writes:
>I have started experimenting with the SGML (HTML DTD) parser provided
>by the libwww 4.0B version. I am using my own structured stream, but
>was hoping to be able to use the HTMLPDTD.* in the library.

That whole portion of the library is badly out of date.

It's my fault. I promised Henrik I'd update it in time
for the 4.0 release, and I didn't deliver.

My current work is at:


I plan to (1) write a parser-layer over the lexer, and (2) integrate 
it with libwww and Arena. I'm not quite sure when I'll get it done.


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