Re: about libapp_3.c running with DLL

Jiang Tao writes:

> I have downloaded the recent version (v4) of lib and compiled it with
> the Mak file on WINDOWS NT(3.51) with MSVC 2.2
> . But when
> I try to make the 3 examples provided with lib (libapp_1, 2, 3) running
> with compiled DLL, and I found that libapp_1.c and libapp_2.c works
> (I define _CONSOLE,WIN32 and _WINDOWS), and libapp_3 can't work.
> Any suggestion or help are greatly appreciated.
> thanks.

It looks like there are some problems but we haven't nailed down where the 
problem is yet. One of the reasons is that we have made the transition to 
win95 which also may have an effect.

Let me know if you find out of something...


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